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What is Dry Needling, how is it different to Acupuncture

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Dry needling and acupuncture, the needles look the same, but how are the different? The common denominator between each technique is the very fine needles.That’s where the similarities end.






Acupuncture is  used by practitioners of traditional chinese medicine.  Acupuncture is used to treat a large scope of conditions ranging from infertility  to high blood pressure.

An acupuncturist will determine the positioning the needles your symptoms, based on your complaint.  The needle positioning is determined by 12 meridian pathways. The needles are  placed at specific  meridian points, which correlate to specific body systems and internal organs.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is the use of acupuncture needles to decrease the tone and tension of muscles and fascia. It is  effective for the treatment and relief of pain associated with musculo-skeletal pain and sports injuries such as low back and neck pain. Dry needling is a technique used by chiropractors and other health professionals.

Dry needling is based on western anatomical and physiological principles. Dry needling has numerous benefits;

  • increase blood flow at site of injury which will increase healing
  • a neurological response which will cause the release of pain inhibiting hormones
  • reducing muscle spasm
  • reducing pain

Dry needling is most effective when is used in conjunction with other treatment techniques, such as chiropractic joint manipulation/ mobilisation, myofascial release and exercise rehabilitation. It is effective for the treatment of tension headaches, neck pain low back pain, sciatica and sports injuries.

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What are those bruises on Michael Phelps shoulders…Cupping Therapy!

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What are those bruises on Michael Phelps shoulders…Cupping Therapy!

So you have been enjoying watching Michael Phelps create history at the Rio Olympic games.. But what is with those crazy circular bruises over his back and shoulders,  The answer is simple, Cupping Therapy.  And his chiropractor Kevin Rindal is responsible for the bruises!

Phelps cupping

What is Cupping Therapy?


Cupping therapy is an an old chinese technique. A therapist applies suction cups to your body, a pump is then used to create a vacuum. The vacuum causes the skin to be drawn into the cup.

This process is thought to draw blood into the tissue, along with stretching and contraction of the muscles. This increase in blood flow to the tissues is thought to, speed up the healing process,  reducing muscle soreness and increasing recovery time.

cupping image


Does It Work?

Ask the chinese therapist and they would say yes, and  by the look of Michael Phelps shoulders so would he. Scientist’s  however, are yet to conclusively prove any know effect. This does not necessarily mean that they don’t have an effect.

For more information about cupping therapy read this article



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