Chiropractic looks at the relationship between the structure and function of the body as co-ordinated by the nervous system to facilitate movement. Chiropractors spend 5 years at university studying to assess, examine and diagnose the cause of musculo-skeletal injuries. Chiropractic is a skill set based on science. It is much more than just cracking or manipulating joints.

Chiropractors use specific joint and muscle techniques to restore normal spinal movement and relieve pain. This can vary from a joint mobilisation too manipulation too muscle energy release techniques. The choice of technique will vary from person to person. The technique choice is determined by your age, health status, diagnosis, and personal technique preferences . Research has shown that the effect of treatment is cumulative. In many cases it will be necessary to prescribe a course of treatment. The frequency and duration of the treatment is based on the diagnosis.

People often assume that a chiropractors only treatment choice is to manipulate or ‘crack’ joints. Manipulation is only one technique of many different techniques that we use at Fluid Chiropractic. Some patients love manipulation and their bodies respond brilliantly, other patients prefer the gentler joint mobilisation and muscle relaxation techniques. The important point is that you are comfortable with the technique and understand why the technique is being used.

Over the course of treatment your recovery, will involve different phases, and different technique choice for each phase. Over the course of your treatment plan, the treatment sessions will differ from being purely treatment based (passive care) to a combination of both exercise (active care) and treatment.

The end goal is for you to have a strong stable spine that can handle the day to day challenges of your work and hobbies. We will give you enough information t understanding of how to manage your injury.