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Relief for Low Back Pain;

Low Back Pain is common debilitating condition. It is the second most common reason for GP visits. With the right help most low back injuries will recover within 6 weeks.

Low back pain is caused from irritation of the spinal nerves, joints, muscles ligaments and fascia. Common symptoms of low back pain are

Our role at Fluid Chiropractic is to firstly diagnose the cause of your back pain. Once we have diagnosed your problem, a treatment plan is organised combining treatment, education, exercise and advice to solve your low back pain.

If needed we work in conjunction with a selected group of massage therapists, pilates instructors and yoga teachers to ensure you are on track with the right help.
If you are suffering from low back pain email or call the clinic to discuss solutions to get you feeling better.


Sciatica is pain that is caused from irritation to the longest nerve in the body the sciatic nerve. Referred pain from the sciatic nerve is felt as the sensation of pain, burning, numbness or pain and needles in the buttock, legs or feet.

At Fluid Chiropractic we diagnose where the source of the sciatic pain arises from. This can be pressure from the lower back structures or tightness of muscles in close connection with the sciatic nerve itself.The good news is when sciatica is diagnosed, we can treat it with great success.

If you have been told you are suffering from sciatica or have similar symptoms then email the clinic or give us a call to discuss how to improve you sciatica pain.

Disc Bulges and Injuries

Vertebral disc injuries are a common presentation to Fluid Chiropractic. We have helped lots of patients overcome these injuries. It is a personal interest of Vaughn, as he himself has recovered from a disc bulge.

Complete recovery involves the perfect combination of treatment, exercise rehabilitation, postural and ergonomic advice. Fortunately disc injuries do resolve, and we can expertly guide you through the varying stages to complete recovery.

If you have a disc injury or similar symptoms then email the clinic or give us a call to discuss how to improve you disc bulge injury.

Neck Pain

If you have been suffering neck pain, you will be happy that we have a solution to your neck pain. The rise in use of technology and a sedentary lifestyle has seen a rapid rise in the frequency in neck pain.

Neck pain is caused by irritation of the nerves in soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, disc) and joints in your neck. Often this irritation is caused by an accident causing whiplash, or through the repetitive postural strain associated with seating at a computer. An injury to your neck can often present as headaches, shoulder pain, or pins and needles in the arm, hand, and facial pain.

After completing a thorough history and examination involving movement, orthopaedic and neurological testing, we will diagnose the cause of your neck pain and focus on reducing irritation, improve movement and prevent recurrence.


Headaches appear as pain around the face, top of the neck and head. Headaches are the second most common condition treated by chiropractors. Headache will often present with similar symptoms despite, differing causes.

The cause of headaches can be from the tight neck muscles and joints, postural strain, eye problems hormonal causes, stress, blood pressure a combination of the above many other reasons. We make sure that your headache is caused by you neck if not we will send to your GP for further examination.

The international Headache Society has classified Headaches under 3 main classifications.

The diagnosis of your headaches is essential, to finding a lasting solution. Neck muscle tightness and upper neck joint mobility problems, can contribute significantly to the severity of the headache, and in some instance can be the cause.

If you headaches is due to the joints and muscle around you neck, then we can help you. Our role at is too determine the cause of your headache. If your neck is the contributing factor then a treatment plan will be provided. The plan will incorporate;

Sports Injuries

Chiropractors aren’t limited to being experts with back and neck pain. Did you know we are experts in the diagnosis and management of sports injuries of the joints and muscles of the arms and legs?
Having worked closely with members of the Jamberoo Women’s Hockey club and Kiama Tennis Club, we regularly help people get back to their chosen sport, from injuries such as;

Using chiropractic techniques, kinesiotaping, dry needling and a tailored exercise rehabilitation, we can get you from pain to pain free and enjoying your hobbies again.

Rest assured we have helped many people with many different spinal and sports injury conditions.

If you need to discuss your injury please email or call to speak with us and arrange a solution for your pain.