About Us

Vaughn Bolack B. Chiro Sc. M. Chiropractic.

My personal experiences with injury initiated my interest in studying chiropractic. After Suffering a lumbar disc bulge I began an 18 month journey to recovery. The lessons learnt about injury, pain and recovery have been invaluable to me and my patients as a chiropractor. Through injury I have been able into understand the physical and mental goals needed for recovery. This experience has shaped my treatment approach, that is to provide safe effective care with simple self care strategies to keep you in control of your injury.

Chiropractic qualification require 5 years of undergraduate and postgraduate university study. I graduated from Macquarie university in 2009 with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science, and Masters of Chiropractic.

Since graduating in I have worked in New Zealand and Australia. I am constantly looking to increase, diversify and improve my skill set, With this is mind I have furthered my knowledge base with qualifications in:

In my spare time you will find me with my wife and 2 kids, surfing and eating nice food.